30 May 2013

For Whom the Bell Tolls...

My bills are late,
the rain won't stop;
my back aches, the earth quakes...

I've a dozen eggs and one life,
two pounds of bullshit and this:

We are not immortal, 
nor very bright, thus I
wish I were Macbeth...

Damn the laundry.
Damn the cheese.
Damn everything...

...and everyone.

I've an inclination
They were thirsty
and couldn't be bothered
with a poem
as silly as this one.

~for Marlys Bonnetti

04 December 2012

Slow moving...
Caught unawares by the sudden chill
of November...

~born too late

No buzzing around, no chatter
flitting from place to place...

The glorious sunshine of a late
summer evening: August or even September
that Byzantine month when
the Roman Empire of another year

hasn't fallen.

The barbarians disguised as seasons:
late October's subtle slip of the tongue,
November's garish assault on the senses...

The quiet, deathly pallor of December
masquerading as our hopes and fears.

A solitary fly born too late,
forgotten in the rush towards
Fall and Winter,
Caesar's warning,

the spam filter.

Here we are: small spectators
in the fleeting cycles of Time;
slow motion tragedies,
subtle movements of History.


Staring at the wall,
wondering what happened
to Emily Dickinson and that fly
in November.

02 December 2012

A new word...

I will make a new word. It will happen in the future (as opposed to those things that happen after we have noticed them). It will be a verb, capable of geranding, fine as the fettle and useless as the white sheets on a honky at a KKK rally. The name of my new word shall be "future".

I shall future that away. I've futured that; don't worry.

What does it mean? In the future I will tell you.

04 April 2012

A manifesto for personal sanity

There is no easy out. There is not a magic bullet. The span of time it takes to realize what you already know is infinite depending on how much time you spend trying not to understand what you all ready know.

These few truths will allow you to understand yourself and no one else. Life is short. Enjoy the ride.

24 June 2011

The worst of us were the best of us.

30 May 2011

Lost Poem from 2007

Going through the archives I found this draft of a poem to someone. It's funny how time changes the words into something else, the meaning into things we couldn't possibly see in the future. How funny it is the things we write, the things we feel and their relation to the present. Thus...a poem lost is found and what was once true is true again...

Waiting around.
Eyes closed,
just waiting
for some sound,
church bells
or cicadas
or the hiss you make
while smoking a cigarette;

I lost the poem I wrote for you.

We always lose the things
we love.